The Online Education Development Office (OEDO) staff and its trained teaching assistants support faculty members in all aspects of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and Small Private Online Course (SPOC) planning, production and course running. OEDO also offers consultations and assistance with copyright issues.

OEDO aims to serve as a campus hub for online course development know-how including MOOC creation and the design of online class materials for blended (or flipped) classrooms and active learning.


Online Education Development Office General Manager

About OEDO

Our Mission Statement


Provide online courses for Tokyo Tech students and engage learners around the world via edX.


Serve as online course development knowledge center, provide media production services and share online course know-how with Tokyo Tech faculty.


To highlight strengths of Tokyo Tech education and research depth by providing online courses which have a Japanese essence related to science, technology and engineering.


To develop learning analytic tools that improve online course quality, measure learning outcomes and promote personalized learning.


Faculties and TAs

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T: 03-5734-3445

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OEDO - Online Education Development Office, Tokyo Tech, 東京工業大学オンライン教育開発室

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