Course | Monotsukuri

Learn the Japanese concept of Monozukuri: the art of "making things" starting with the philosophy including lectures from Tokyo Tech faculty, various examples from Japanese Industry, and the Tokyo Tech student clubs. In addition, the principles of experiential learning are also introduced.

Course | Basic Japanese Civil Law

Learn Japanese Civil Law, covering various contemporary issues faced in everyday life.

Course | Science and Engineering Ethic

Learn both traditional and aspirational ethics in science and engineering to improve human well-being.

Course | Introduction to Deep Earth Science

Learn about the nature and dynamics of the Earth’s core, mantle and crust in this introductory Earth Science course.

Course | Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Learn fundamental knowledge about electrical and electronic engineering from Tokyo Tech instructors and engineers working in Japanese industry.

Course | Modern Japanese Architecture Part 1: From Meiji Restoration to the Pacific War

Explore key elements of modern Japanese architecture and related history with a focus on its Westernization covering the period from 1868 to 1945.

Course | Autophagy: Research Behind the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Learn the fundamentals/applications of autophagy through the inspirational story of Yoshinori Ohsumi’s research, for which he was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and an array of other prizes.

Course | Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

“Computations” are what computers, including those utilizing Artificial Intelligent algorithms, are actually doing. Learn about the basic and key concepts of computer science while experiencing how to program and design “computational algorithms.”

Course | Introduction to Business Architecture

Learn the concepts of business architecture focusing on the representative methodology called DEMO (Design & Engineering Methodology for Organizations) in Enterprise Ontology.


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