Prof. Angus Kingon Visits Titech and OEDO Office (Dec 11, 2019)

Last November 8th, 2019, Prof. Angus Kingon visited the Tokyo Institute of Technology to deliver a lecture on the importance of entrepreneurship education to engineering students.

He is a Professor at Brown University and the co-Director of the graduate Masters-level Program on Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (PRIME).

During his visit to Tokyo Tech, Professor Angus Visited OEDO's office. The meeting with Prof. Cross, Ms.Nishii and Ms.Murai revolved around OEDO's Goals and activities as well as the proposed courses so far and the process of their creation.

Prof. Angus Kingon specializes in the pedagogy of entrepreneurship education with a focus on electronic materials, which made him very interested in OEDO's efforts towards providing online MOOCs and improving them continuously.

This visit was a great opportunity to share and discuss ideas about online education and the research the OEDO team is conducting.


Prof. Angus's lecture in Tokyo Tech