Tokyo Tech’s Newly revised MOOC, “Monozukuri: Making Things”, is starting TODAY! (Mar 4, 2020)

The Online Educational Development Office (OEDO) is excited to announce that Tokyo Tech’s newly revised edX MOOC, “Monozukuri: Making Things” is starting today!

This is a new type of course in which learners not only view lectures and answer quizzed but also engage in their own hands-on learn-by-doing project. This course introduces fundamental topics related to Monozukuri covering engineering topics such as thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, dynamics of machinery, and design.

Learners will learn about propulsion mechanism related to a pop-pop (heat powered) steamboat. By introducing “Monozukuri” (the art of manufacturing or preparing tangible objects) which is a philosophy of how to make things with precision that work extremely well, the principle standing behind Japanese high-quality manufactured goods will be revealed. Interviews with craftsman and student organizations that design and make things including the all-Japan-university competition on human-powered aircraft will be given as an example.

Please come and join us by enrolling the course at: